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How To Create A IRC Server

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PostPosted: Jun 17, 2004 11:45am    Post subject: How To Create A IRC Server Reply with quote

hey can anyone tell me how can i create a server i was trying for weeks figuring out how to create a server i used ircd, bircd and other stuffs if anyone know how to create a server please tell me.
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PostPosted: Jun 17, 2004 11:57am    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/ircd/ might be a good place to start doing some research
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PostPosted: Jun 17, 2004 4:07pm    Post subject: Re:How to make an irc server Reply with quote

IRC Servers are something you dont make on a wim, taking that into mind, you should take a few thing into account before you actully create a irc server or IRC network,
1. The machine your going to run your server /Network Hub on.
The connection speed to the Internet,(T1 line or Above is most the time required due to the ammout of users that may connect to your Server or Network).(also If your using your own connection Check with your ISP make sure your ISP allows you to run and IRCd server on
The Operating system(Linux, Freebsd, Windows, or Fadora) Most of the IRCD Porgram run on ether linux or Freebsd OS, Few do run on Windows)
Windows is most of the times not used to run a IRC Server due to the fact that is more diffacult to port over and has some Security and Stablity Issuse)
2. The IRCd server software
There is many diffrent types of IRCd's from Dalnet's Bahamanut to Ultimate IRCd, The best way I recomend to find the ircd that is right for you is to jump on some of the networks that use diffent IRCd, this allows you to see some of the features that the ircd has.
(Personaly I recomend Unreal but thats just my opinion)

Another Option to using your own hardware is getting a shell account, they genraly run about $10 USD and allow you to run an IRCd and a few background processess like services or and eggdrop bot. They are most gennaly setup so that they are protected from DDos attacks.

Now that your got you hardware and your software ready, its time to think of a few things.
Are you going to link to established network, in which case do you meet there linking requirements. Or are you starting your own network and need to setup the ircd so that your the hub.
Now for your staff,
If your linking to another network get with the Network admin and ask about what there rules are as far as Local opers for that network.
If your Starting your own network you need to assign your Admin staff and your IRCops. I recomend just keep it simple for now.

If you need any more help just PM Me or Email me Fireman@hells-net.org
and I will help you further.
Hells-Net Network Admin
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